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CT2 Program Lecture Series

All lectures are on Tuesdays from 12 to 1 p.m. in Comer Commons at Moores Cancer Center (directions and map). Lunch is available at 11:45 a.m. for those attending the lecture. 

Principles of Cancer Drug Therapeutics Development

This is a required series of 12 weekly lectures delivered by CT2 and UC San Diego faculty members during fall quarter. They focus on the necessary sequential steps in drug development.

Topics in Cancer Drug Development

This is a series of 10 monthly lectures by industry leaders in cancer drug development. The goal is to expose trainees to experts with a substantial track record in the “real life” challenges of cancer drug development. The lecturers are typically CEOs, directors of research, or medical directors from companies in the San Diego biomedical community, although experts from large pharmaceutical companies have also participated. The outside speakers are invited to discuss challenges of developing a given target or novel therapeutic and give fellows an opportunity to hear the story of the development of specific therapeutic agents.

Combined Schedule for 2014-15

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Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
9/23/14 Stephen B. Howell, MD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Introduction to Oncology Drug Development Comer Commons
9/30/14 Jean Wang, PhD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Activation of PUMA (p53-upregulated mediator of apoptosis) in p53-deficient ovarian cancer cells Comer Commons
10/7/14 Michael Karin, PhD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Inflammation and immunity in cancer etiology and therapy Comer Commons
10/14/14 Karen Messer, PhD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Phase I/II clinical trial design Comer Commons
10/21/14 Sadik Esener, PhD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Nanoparticle Enabled New Therapeutics Options Comer Commons
10/28/14 Jeremy Barton, PhD Pfizer Anti 5T4 Antibody Drug Conjugate: From Discovery to First in Man Comer Commons
11/4/14 Ezra Cohen, MD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Bidirectional Translational Research in Cancer – Keys to Success Comer Commons
11/11/14 No Lecture
11/18/14 Sunil Advani, PhD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Development of radiation targeted systemic therapies Comer Commons
11/25/14 Karen Messer, PhD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Prognostic modeling using biomarkers Comer Commons
12/2/14 Dennis Carson, MD
Christian Barrett, Phd
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Isoform Variants for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Comer Commons
12/9/14 Loki Natarajan UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Phase III trial design Comer Commons
12/16/14 Eric Kowack Pfizer Palbociclib Comer Commons
12/23/13 No lecture
12/30/14 No lecture
1/6/15 Kelly Frazer, PhD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Genomic Approaches to Understanding Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Disease and Progression Comer Commons
1/13/15 Jean Lozach, PhD Illumina At the Forefront of Applied Translational Research: Exploiting Clinical and Genomic Big Data Comer Commons
1/20/15 Sonia Jain, MD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Adaptive trial designs Comer Commons
1/27/15 Loren Mell, MD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Current and future clinical trials of GL-ONC1 and GL-ONC2 Comer Commons
2/3/15 Erick Kowack    Pfizer Palbociclb Comer Commons
2/10/15 Isan Chen, MD Mirati CDK 4/6 in breast cancer and crizotinib Comer Commons
2/17/15 Pradipta Ghosh, MD UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Novel Targets for Network-Based Anticancer Therapy: End of long futile campaign striking the heads of a hydra  Comer Commons
3/3/15 Daniel Catenacci, MD University of Chicago Strategies to address inter- and intra-patient tumor molecular heterogeneity using next-generation companion diagnostics and PANGEA: A novel clinical trial design Comer Commons
3/10/15 Guy Poirier, PhD Laval University The promise of PARP inhibitors for personalized cancer treatments Comer Commons

Farideh Biscoff, PhD

Silicon Biosystems Digital sample preparation and downstream molecular analysis: Utility of DEPArray for precision medicine today Comer Commons
3/24/15 Jonathan Lim, MD Ignyta Catalyzing precision Medicine with integrated Rx/Dx in oncology: The Ignyta story Comer Commons
4/7/15 Sara Pai, MD Massachusetts General Hospital TBA Comer Commons
4/8/15 Joseph Califano, MD Johns Hopkins Targeting head and neck cancers that have no targetable DNA mutations Comer Commons
4/14/15 Danelle James, MD Pharmacyclics TBA Comer Commons
5/19/14 Marilyn R. Kehry, PhD AnaptysBio TBA Comer Commons

Schedules for previous years