Research at Moores Cancer Center in San Diego
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LFR a bacterium (MRSA, yellow) being ingested by an immune cell (Neutrophil, purple)LFR lung cancer cell during cell divisionMoores Cancer Center


Our revolutionary building brings together research, education, and clinical care under one roof. This allows clinicians and scientists to communicate more efficiently and advance patient care through translational research. From research in molecular genetics to the most advanced clinical treatments, Moores Cancer Center is at the forefront of the fight against cancer, developing promising new therapies and making them available to cancer patients throughout the region. Read More >

Grant Awarded

Scott Irwin, MD, PhD

The National Palliative Care Research Center awarded a two-year exploratory grant to Scott A. Irwin, MD, PhD, FAPM, director of Psychiatry & Psychosocial Services, Patient & Family Support Services, and Palliative Care Psychiatry. The goals of this innovative exploratory proposal, entitled Testing the Feasibility and Safety of Treating Depression with Ketamine in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer, are to test the feasibility, safety, and tolerability of using oral ketamine for the treatment of depression in patients with head and neck cancer.