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LFR a bacterium (MRSA, yellow) being ingested by an immune cell (Neutrophil, purple)LFR lung cancer cell during cell divisionMoores Cancer Center


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Pancreatic Cancer "Dream Team"

Andrew Lowy, MD, and Tannishtha Reya, PhD, have been recruited for their expertise in preclinical modeling, clinical trials, and stem cell biology to join a “dream team” of international pancreatic cancer researchers. The three-year, $12-million effort, sponsored by Stand Up To Cancer, Cancer Research UK, and The Lustgarten Foundation, will pursue a three-pronged strategy to better understand and reset so-called “super-enhancers” that may be abnormally active in pancreatic tumors. Super-enhancers are bits of DNA that can cause over-expression of genetic signals, fueling cancer cell growth. Read the full press release for more information.