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Custody Medical Service

SD county jailThe UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine, in conjunction with the San Diego County Sheriff's office, operates urgent medical custody clinics at 4 care sites:

  • San Diego Central Jail
  • Las Colinas Detention Facility
  • George Bailey Detention Facility
  • South Bay Detention facility

These sites provide medical care for a combined daily average of over 3,000 inmates in the custody of the San Diego County Sheriff.

These facilities vary greatly in size, design, and function. Some are in urban areas, co-located with regional court complexes providing high levels of security. Others are medium security facilities located in rural settings, serving the needs of lower risk, sentenced inmates. The jails book, classify, house, and release approximately 100,000 inmates per year.

The Department of Emergency Medicine operates on site clinic care and coordinates outpatient and inpatient case management. Almost 200 hours of clinic time are covered at the jails weekly, including general medical care and urgent issues. Additionally, specialty clinics in the area of HIV, nephrology, orthopedics and obstetrics are operated weekly as well.

This custody clinic environment offers a unique opportunity for educational and moonlighting opportunities for UCSD residents, fellows and faculty.

UCSD Custody Medicine: Medical care with a human, caring touch.