Ron Espiritu

Ron Espiritu

Associate Vice Chancellor of Business and Fiscal Affairs,
UC San Diego Health Sciences

Ron Espiritu is the associate vice chancellor for UC San Diego Health Sciences’ Business and Fiscal Affairs. He also serves as chief financial officer for UC San Diego Academic Health Sciences. Mr. Espiritu has been with the University of California education system for more than 28 years, and has been with UC San Diego School of Medicine and Health Sciences for 18 years.

Mr. Espiritu currently oversees the central business offices of Academic Health Sciences and is involved with workforce, operations and finance. He is an innovative, results-oriented and decisive leader who thrives in highly complex, fluid and resource constrained environments, while remaining pragmatic and focused.

Mr. Espiritu works closely with leadership to identify and capitalize on mission opportunities. He has extensive involvement in process redesign, funds flows and has led many initiatives to improve efficiency and business practices within UC San Diego Health Sciences. He is also a proponent of staff development and has led a culture change in valuing the workforce as a primary resource.

Mr. Espiritu is an alumnus of UC San Diego. He is an active member of the Association of American Medical Colleges, currently serving as principle business officer for UC San Diego, chair-elect for the Group on Business Affairs, chair of the Data and Benchmarking Committee and a member of the Professional Development Committee.

A native of San Diego, Mr. Espiritu is the father of three boys, an avid tennis player and spectator, and a beach lover.