David Brenner

David Brenner
Vice Chancellor

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore
Dean of Clinical Affairs and CEO, Clinical Practice

Maria Savoia

Maria Savoia
Dean for Education

James McKerrow

James McKerrow
Dean, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Gary Firestein, MD

Gary Firestein
Associate Vice Chancellor, Translational Medicine

Andrew L. Ries, MD

Andrew L. Ries
Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Jean Ford Keane
Associate Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences Advancement

David Kimber
Associate Vice Chancellor and Principal Business Officer

Vivian Reznik, MD

Vivian Reznik
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Faculty Affairs

Mounir Soliman, MD, MBA

Mounir Soliman
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences International

Janet Kamerman
Chief Human Resources Officer

Gene Hasegawa

Gene Hasegawa
Chief Operating Officer, Health Sciences