Dual Degree & Specialized Programs

Combined Degree Programs for Medical Students

UCSD School of Medicine is dedicated to producing future leaders in all areas of medicine. As such, the School promotes the pursuit of dual degrees. Programs include

UCSD Bioscience-related PhD-Granting Programs

  • Bioengineering PhD Program
  • Biological Sciences PhD Program
  • Biomedical Sciences PhD Program
  • Chemistry / Biochemistry PhD Program
  • Cognitive Science Graduate Program
  • Graduate Program in Bioinformatics
  • Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health (Epidemiology)
  • Molecular Pathology PhD Program
  • Neurosciences PhD Program

Additional Graduate Opportunities

Medical students may also elect to obtain advanced degrees in the following areas outside of biomedical sciences:

Master in Bioengineering:

Students may take an additional year in the Department of Bioengineering, leading to a Master of Science or a Master of Engineering, as well as an MD. This additional training is ideal for those interested in the design and application of new technologies in their chosen area of clinical focus.

Master in Public Health:

The School of Medicine offers a combined MD/MPH for its students who wish to have additional training in, or pursue a career in public health or population study/epidemiology.

Master in the Leadership of Health Care Organizations:

A combined MD/Masters Program is available for students who wish to learn more about the business and economic issues facing today’s physicians. This unique program is designed to enable physicians to provide leadership in the business aspects of medicine while still being clinical practitioners. http://lhco.ucsd.edu/

Master in Clinical Research:

This innovative program is available for individuals interested in the design and execution of clinical trials, leading to a combined MD/MAS with one additional year of training. http://clre.ucsd.edu/

Master in Drug Development and Product Management:

The master’s degree in Drug Development & Product Management focuses on building the managerial, regulatory, and pharmacoeconomic skills and insight to equip graduates to effectively lead the complex facets of the drug development process from discovery-to-patient. http://ddpm.ucsd.edu/

PhD Program in the Humanities and Social Sciences:

The School of Medicine recognizes that many of its students have broad and diverse interests in fields related to medicine, such as anthropology, biomedical ethics and sociology. Flexible programs are available to allow students to pursue training in these disciplines at the PhD level.

Independent PhD programs:

Medical students may also opt to pursue advanced training leading to a MA, MS or PhD in the biomedical sciences independent of the Medical Scientist Training Program, or in any of the UCSD general campus science or engineering programs. These programs are individually developed for medical students on a case-by-case basis, and those interested should request additional information from appropriate departments and faculty.