Neuroscience Seminar Series

The Graduate Program’s weekly seminar series meets during the academic year on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in the Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior (CNCB) Marilyn Farquhar Seminar Room and features invited speakers from around the world.

Neurosciences Graduate Program
2016-17 Seminar Series Schedule

Tuesdays at 4 p.m.
CNCB Marilyn G. Farquhar Seminar Room

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Larry Zweifel
University of Washington
Genetic segregation of distinct dopamine circuits
Josef Parvizi
Stanford University
Intracranial recordings and electrical brain stimulation of the human brain: A new era for cognitive neuroscience
Steven A. Siegelbaum
Columbia University
The hippocampal CA2 region and the social engram
Surya Ganguli
Stanford Unviersity
A theory of neural dimensionality, dynamics and measurement
Larry W. Swanson
University of Southern California
Founder's Day Lecture
in honor of Dr. Robert Livingston

Global macroconnectomics

Veronique Bohbot
McGill University
Early detection, sex differences and intervention in healthy older adults at risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Susan L. Ackerman
UC San Diego
Defects in translation and neurological disorders
Jennifer C. Darnell
The Rockefeller University
Translational control by the RNA binding protein FMRP: Targets and mechanism related to Fragile X Syndrome
Marshall Shuler
Johns Hopkins University
The neural genesis of reward timing and a theory of intertemporal decision making
Allen I. Selverston
UC San Diego
Founder's Day Lecture
in honor of Dr. Theodore Bullock

Chasing circuits in the brain: Bullock and some insights from invertebrate nervous systems
Maria Donoghue
Georgetown University
Orchestration of neuronal differentiation and progenitor pool expansion in the developing cerebral cortex by SoxC transcription factors
Stephen Liberles
Harvard Medical School
Internal and external sensory systems
Nancy Kopell
Boston University
Rhythms, routing and resonance
Viviana Gradinaru
On brain circuits and tools: Switches for locomotion, reward, and a viral-based approach to non-invasive whole-brain cargo delivery
Kay M. Tye
Neural circuits involved in processing emotional valence
Eric Nestler
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms of depression
Michael Halassa
New York University
An executive pathway for rapid control of sensory thalamic gain during attentional processing
A. David Redish
University of Minnesota
Observing cognitive processes with neural ensembles: from planning and deliberation to imagination and mind-wandering
Valeria Cavalli
Washington University
Epigenetic mechanisms in axon regeneration
Robert T. Knight
UC Berkeley
Founder's Day Lecture
in honor of Dr. Robert Galambos

Insights into human cognition from intracranial recording

Wesley B. Grueber
Columbia University
Mechanisms of somatosensory wiring specificity
Gail Mandel
Oregon Health and Science University
Despite jet lag, stress and grant deadlines, adults get plenty of REST
Francesca Bartolini
Columbia University
A novel role for formin mediated microtubule stabilization pathways in Amyloid beta synaptotoxcity
Kenta Asahina
Salk Institute / UC San Diego
Neural and genetic mechanisms underlying fighting strategies
Erik Ullian
UC San Francisco
What's so special about human astrocytes?
Kristen M. Harris
UT Austin
Allocation of subcellular resources for synaptic plasticity Laura Sancho
Robert Desimone
A causal analysis of the attentional networkVy Vo
Lily Jan
UC San Francisco
Unexpected channel functions in the nervous systemMarc Marino
Mark Mayford
UC San Diego
Neural representation of memoryXi Jiang


Founder's Day Lectures sponsored by Neuroscience Education Research Foundation

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