Living in San Diego


Welcome to San Diego! Within this section of our website, you can find helpful information that can be useful as you settle into your new surroundings.

Cultural Adjustment: Would you like to start adapting to your new surroundings? The information about cultural adjustment can help you understand American norms and stages of culture shock.

Daycare, Schools, and Babysitting: If you have dependents with you, we also list resources regarding different daycare, schools, and babysitting services in the area.

English Language Resources: Need help with your English language skills? Refer to our English language resources page.

Housing: Should you be looking for housing options around UC San Diego, or would like more information on how to set-up a new home, the housing webpage will be quite useful.

Health Information: Unfamiliar with health insurance terms? Our webpage on health insurance includes basic insurance requirements and resources for your convenience.

Identification Documents: Information on how to apply for a Social Security Number, California Driver's License, and Campus ID card can be found within the identification documents section.

Legal Matters: Looking for an immigration attorney and resources related to immigration law? Visit our page regarding legal matters.

Money and Banking: Trying to open a bank account? We discuss this topic and other information under money and banking.

Recreation: If you are looking for activities around San Diego, or would like to live a more active lifestyle, the recreation page will provide ample resources for you.

Safety & Security: Interested in finding ways to prevent crime, prepare for earthquakes, or get emergency notifications? The safety & security information will provide basic information on topics like these.

Taxes: Tax season is coming up! Get informed by reviewing the resources listed under taxes.

Transportation: Looking for ways to get around the city? Visit our page on transportation and commuting alternatives for infomation about vanpools, carpools, busses & UCSD shuttles, bicycling, and more.

U.S. Holidays: Wondering what days UC San Diego will be officially closed for holidays, and what they are each commemorating? Look at our list of major U.S. holidays.

We hope these resources help you during your stay in San Diego. Information provided by the UC San Diego International Faculty and Scholar Office ("IFSO")


Visa Requirements

Any/all scholars admitted are required to possess a valid J-1 Exchange Visitor Status for the duration of their participation in any of our existing Programs.

  • UC San Diego Health Sciences International will contact the prospective scholar directly if he/she is deemed “conditionally accepted” into one of our existing Programs, following review of their completed application materials AND subsequent phone screening/interview with the Program Coordinator in our office. 
  • Acceptance into any of our Programs are finalized following successful completion of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Status requirements provided in the admissions offer, as well as completion of any MAS application(s), if applicable. 

Need More Info?

Contact UC San Diego's International Faculty and Scholar Office. Click here to visit their website