Center for Drug Discovery Innovation

A revolutionary drug discovered in seaweed growing off the California coast gives new hope to cancer patients.

A graduate student uses the power of a supercomputer to design new medications for deadly tropical diseases.

A scientist uncovers a key molecular pathway involved in heart disease, laying the foundation for new therapies.

Scenarios like this aren’t far from reality. In fact, researchers in the Center for Drug Discovery Innovation at University of California, San Diego are working to make them happen right now. The Center for Drug Discovery Innovation unites scientists and clinicians from across disciplines, synthesizes resources and enables investigators to focus on early stage development so they can move new drugs quickly from laboratory bench to patients’ bedsides.

Already, a partnership between investigators in Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Scripps Institution for Oceanography led to the discovery of a compound that is in clinical trials for cancer treatment. Meanwhile, investigators are probing inflammation, which contributes to a number of life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

These and other studies at the Center for Drug Discovery Innovation have the potential to transform the way we prevent and treat disease.


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