Institute for Genomic Medicine

Advances in genomics and genetics in recent decades have provided a powerful new platform for biomedical and biological research, with the potential to transform clinical practice and translate the discoveries of genetic and genomic research from "bench" to "bedside." The Institute for Genomic Medicine serves as a center for multidisciplinary research, while enhancing graduate and post-graduate education, in this rapidly expanding field.

The Institute coalesces UC San Diego’s world-renowned strengths in basic science, disease biology, pharmacology, engineering, clinical research, and computer science to accelerate investigation and translation in genetics and genomic medicine, leading to improved human health. This comprehensive program will engage members of the campus and from the local research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical community, crossing traditional disciplines to create new opportunities for collaborative efforts with a genomics focus.


The Institute for Genomic Medicine at the University of California, San Diego aims to discover new pathways in human health and disease and translate these discoveries to clinical and preventive medicine. Our multidisciplinary physician-scientist teams integrate clinical phenotypes with genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic and signaling approaches to understand and treat genetic contributions to human disease.

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Kang Zhang, MD, PhD

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Joseph Gleeson, MD
Bruce Hamilton, PhD

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