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MoMI Seeds

MoMI Seeds is a pilot project seed funding mechanism with the goal to stimulate and enable innovative and multidisciplinary research that generates promising new data and helps facilitate the acquisition of extramural funding in support of human milk and lactation research across UC San Diego and beyond. 

The call for applications for 2018 funding is now closed!

MoMI Seeds are one-year competitive awards (up to $50,000) to fund early stage projects with relevance to defined Research Priority Areas outlined below.
Funding decisions will be announced in early December 2017.
Earliest funding start date will be January 1, 2018.


UC San Diego faculty members who are eligible to serve as Principal Investigators may apply. UC San Diego Postdoctoral Trainees, Medical Fellows, and Residents are also encouraged to apply, but need to be sponsored by a UC San Diego faculty member. The research team may include collaborators from outside UC San Diego.

Research Priority Areas (RPAs)

Specific Research Priority Areas (RPAs) are assigned for each application cycle based on the short- and long-term strategic goals of the center. The 2017/18 cycle invited the submission of applications with relevance to the following RPAs:
  • ​​Neurocognitive, functional, or other developmental outcomes related to breastfeeding or intake of human milk components
  • Social determinants of initiation and continuation of breastfeeding
  • ​​Effects of breastfeeding or intake of human milk components on gut health
  • “Milk Moonshot” – Submit an innovative and creative idea for a project related to human milk and breastfeeding that does not fit in any of the other Research Priority Areas

Review Process

Applications will be judged competitively based on the likelihood that the proposed research plan and scope of work will result in robust preliminary data to support strong proposals for extramural funding. Other important considerations include scientific merit, relevance to human milk and lactation research and the annual Research Priority Areas, innovation, overall feasibility of the proposed plan, and the track record of success of the research team.

A review committee, composed of faculty members representing a wide range of expertise, will review the applications and provide a ranked list to the Center Director. Feedback for each proposal will be provided in a timely manner after final funding decisions have been made. 

Reporting Requirements

Awardees will be required to submit a final report to LRF MoMI CoRE within 90 days following the completion of the award period. The final report includes:

  • Summary of project aims
  • Accomplishments towards meeting those aims
  • List of significant results
  • List of presentations and publications that include data generated from the grant
  • Disclosure of any inventions resulting in whole or in part from the grant
  • List of applications submitted to other granting agencies or commercial entities to continue work on this project, including the outcome of those applications
  • Financial summary outlining the use of funds (template will be provided)
In addition, the Primary Investigator will be asked to respond to LRF MoMI CoRE’s periodic requests to aid in documenting the center’s effectiveness in funding research in human milk and lactation. 

Agreement Terms

When accepting MoMI Seeds grant funding, awardees agree

  • to implement the proposed project immediately (if regulatory approvals, e.g. IRB, IACUC, are required, submission to regulatory bodies must be completed within 30 days of the beginning of the award period);
  • to comply with the agreement terms of the endowment;   
  • that the funds will be used solely to conduct the proposed research project and in accordance with the submitted research budget;
  • that funds cannot be applied to indirect or overhead costs;
  • that graduate students can only be supported if they are not paid more than UC San Diego Postdoctoral Fellows and if they have a tuition remission salary;
  • to return any unused funds to LRF MoMI CoRE at the end of the award period (carry-forward of unused funds beyond the 1-year grant period is not automatic and must be requested in writing a minimum of 30 days before the end of the award period);
  • to submit a final report to LRF MoMI CoRE within 90 days following the completion of the award period;
  • make reasonable attempts to publish the results of this study and to obtain extramural funding to support continuation of this research; and
  • acknowledge support provided by the Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation Mother-Milk-Infant Center of Research Excellence in reports, publications and presentations resulting from this project.
Please email Sali Coleman to request a copy of the Funding Acknowledgement Letter and the Informed Participant Letter.

Presentations and Publications

Awardees are expected to publish their findings in scholarly peer-reviewed journals and present their research at professional meetings. All publications, grants, and presentations resulting from research funded by MoMI Seeds must cite LRF MoMI CoRE as a contributing source of support. Publications shall include the following wording: “The project was funded [in part] by a Seed grant made available through the UC San Diego Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation Mother-Milk-Infant Center of Research Excellence. The support of the Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation is gratefully acknowledged."

Additional Information and Consultation

Please email Sali Coleman or call (858) 534-9599 for any administrative questions related to MoMI Seeds or to schedule an appointment with the Center Director or Executive Director to consult on scientific or programmatic questions related to MoMI Seeds. 

MoMI Seeds are supported by the Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation Research and Collaboration Fund. In addition, the 2018 MoMI Seeds are supported by a generous anonymous donor.