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Our mission is to support and promote research and teaching in cell biology and related disciplines at UCSD, San Diego, and beyond. 

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Hela_mitosisHeLa cells undergoing mitosis.
Image by Yao Wong & Arshad Desai.
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San DiegoSan Diego is a hub for academic and industrial research.
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neurospheresIPSC-derived neurospheres making synaptic connections.
Image by Alysson Muotri
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Dynamic topological domains (TADs) in mammalian chromosomes.
Image by Anthony Schmitt and Bing Ren.
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4/20/2017: The first event in a statewide outreach tour by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine,...
4/13/2017: Science is a process, a way of finding things out, not a collection of results. Science is how we o...
4/12/2017: Immense collaborative thinking driving cancer research is behind the new Center for Novel Therapeut...

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Rodvold JJ, Chiu KT, Hiramatsu N, Nussbacher JK, Galimberti V, Mahadevan NR, Willert K, Lin JH, Zanetti M.
Sci Signal
Hogan NT, Whalen MB, Stolze LK, Hadeli NK, Lam MT, Springstead JR, Glass CK, Romanoski CE
Martin JS, Xu Z, Reiner Ap, Mohlke KL, Sullivan P, Ren B, Hu M, Li Y