EMS/Disaster Medicine Fellowship

To Apply:

Please contact the fellowship director:

Chris Kahn, MD
UCSD Medical Center
200 W. Arbor Dr. #8676
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 543-6463

The UCSD EMS Fellowship is designed to provide emergency medicine physicians licensed in the US the opportunity to be educated and trained in the administrative, medical oversight and field aspects of EMS systems. Individuals successfully completing one-year ACGME accredited fellowship will obtain sufficient didactic and practical knowledge to work excel as a medical director of an EMS agency, an EMS researcher, or an Emergency Department-based EMS specialist. Our program became accredited effective July 1, 2013.

The UCSD EMS Fellowship is a 12-month fellowship that includes all required components of an accredited EMS program, including field care delivery, administrative oversight, administrative and academic projects, offline and online medical direction, and disaster medicine. We partner with agencies including the City of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, County of San Diego EMS, Mercy Air, and Rural/Metro to ensure a sufficiently broad experience coupled with strong expertise.

The UCSD Division of EMS is active in several ongoing research and community projects, including two of California's proposed Community Paramedicine Pilot Programs, continuous involvement in quality improvement and quality assurance activities for the region, policy development, geographic information systems, custodial medicine issues such as restraints and TASER use, leading-edge informatics and health information exchange, and comprehensive care management for particularly vulnerable EMS users. Division faculty serve as medical directors for:


  • City of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department
  • City of Chula Vista Fire Department
  • City of Carlsbad Fire Department
  • Mercy Air
  • AviaMedix
  • Rural/Metro Southwest Division
  • Disaster Medical Assistance Team CA-4

EMT/Paramedic Colleges

  • Palomar
  • National College of Technical Instruction (AMR)

Our faculty also serve on the editorial boards of journals such as Pre-hospital Emergency Care, the Annals of Emergency Medicine, the Journal of Emergency Medicine, and the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine.

In addition, Division of EMS faculty serve as invited participants and subject matter experts for local, regional, and national interests including consulting groups, task forces of official bodies such as the National Association of EMS Physicians, the American College of Surgeons, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of EMS, and the National Quality Forum. UCSD is one of ten participating clinical sites across the US and Canada in the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium, which has been operating with bi-national support for over ten years.

EMS Faculty will accept applications for the fellowship from July through October, and interviews will take place from August through November, for the following academic year. Please submit all application materials and inquires to the Program Director and Program Coordinator.

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