Goals of the UCSD Emergency Medicine Residency Program

We strive to train our graduates to be capable of:

  • providing independent recognition, stabilization, evaluation and management of the acutely ill or injured patient.
  • rapidly formulating initial treatment endpoints and appropriate referral/follow-up as required.
  • delivering efficient prehospital care of acutely ill or injured patients.
  • managing multiple patients simultaneously.
  • effectively participating in the prehospital EMS community.
  • competently performing administrative and teaching responsibilities in Emergency Medicine.
  • critically reading and interpreting medical literature.
  • applying research methodologies to the study of Emergency Medicine.
  • maintaining proper record keeping and documentation for medical and medico-legal reasons.
  • passing the American Board of Emergency Medicine certification exam.
  • constructively integrating a career in Emergency Medicine within the context of their personal lives.

To create an environment in which:

  • the highest standards of emergency medical care are consistently taught, practiced and monitored.
  • the important social, ethical, behavioral, and organizational aspects of emergency health care are given proper focus.
  • all Emergency Department personnel are encouraged to participate in the ongoing process of education made available by the residency.
  • the opportunity for sharing emergency medical educational resources within the San Diego community is fostered.