The UCSD/UCLA/Cedars-Sinai/Salk Diabetes Research Center supports a highly successful program to fund innovative new projects that explore the feasibility of novel testable concepts and enhance the diabetes research scope within our institutions.

The Pilot and Feasibility grant program (P&F) will continue to announce requests for applications on a yearly basis and support ~4-6 grantees for one year at approximately $40,000 to $50,000 per award. A special emphasis on promoting promising junior faculty involved with endocrine and diabetes research has been the key to the P&F mission.

We expect that P&F studies will continue to generate preliminary data that will be used by these investigators in diabetes-related R01 applications in the years following their award. A committee of experienced mentors who are veterans of NIH study sections, led by Dr. Tontonoz, facilitates this effort. A mechanism for this comprehensive annual P&F grant review and funding process includes both external and internal reviewers and operates similarly to an NIH study section. A report on each pilot and feasibility study conducted is obtained from the investigators at the end of the study period and information is collected annually on publications and funding. Funded P&F investigators attend the regular DRC retreats and present the results of their work in years following their award. We have funded many outstanding projects that have matured to generate additional funding and first-class publications. In summary, our P&F program draws from an exceptional pool of talent within the institutions and successfully promotes and energizes novel diabetes and endocrinology research.

Our program partners with the Office of the Dean of the School of Medicine at UCSD, and the Clinical Scholar's program at Cedars-Sinai to augment the number of P&F grants to be awarded.

History of successful applications