Fellows and Residents

Numerous students, residents and fellows have worked with Dr. Loomba since 2007 on many papers and research projects. Dr. Loomba have many ongoing clinical research projects spanning a variety of areas including epidemiology , genetics, imaging, and patient-oriented research in the field of fatty liver disease. This spectrum of research, allows trainees ample opportunities to explore and choose a particular area that fits their level of training and research interests.

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Michael Chang:

I completed my internal medicine training at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical center in 2012. I then spent a year working as a Hospitalist at UCLA in the Department of Internal Medicine from 2012 to 2013, where I was involved in medical student and resident teaching and was nominated for an excellence in teaching award. I started my GI fellowship at UCSD in 2013 and was lucky to have the opportunity to work with Dr Loomba. Dr Loomba has been an excellent mentor and has a great mind for research. Dr Loomba has been integral in helping me with my research endeavors. I am currently working on a manuscript where we aimed to describe the detailed histologic differences among NAFLD/NASH patients divided into three groups; normoglycemia, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. Using the NASH-CRN database, we have identified and characterized significant differences in portal inflammation, fibrosis stage, and the detailed histologic differences among the three groups. The abstract was submitted to the San Diego Gastroenterology Society (SDGI) and accepted as an oral presentation at their annual fellows research meeting. The abstract was also accepted as a poster presentation at Digestive Disease Week (DDW 2014) in Chicago.
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Mazen Noureddin:

I am one of the T32 NIH fellows and a 2nd year GI fellow at UCSD. I have completed my residency at the University of Southern California and Hepatology fellowship at the Liver Diseases Branch at the NIH prior to my arrival to UCSD. I have few areas of research that I am working on including: the role of MRI and non-invasive biomarkers in the diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, studying the heritability of fatty liver disease using twins cohort, and a new randomized control trial for treatment of NASH. I have presented an abstract in the American Association of the Liver diseases (AASLD) meeting in 2011 looking at the characteristic of NAFLD and NASH in elderly. This year I presented an abstract looking at the MRI-PDFF as a novel biomarker for liver fat quantification in NAFLD patients. This was accepted for the clinical research workshop at the AASLD meeting in Boston. I have written a review article about non-invasive biomarkers and the role of liver biopsy in NAFLD in the Clinical Liver Diseases journal "the electronic journal of the AASLD". We have submitted our research abstracts for publications. I have joined Dr. Loomba's group due to the high quality and productivity of the fatty liver disease research center at UCSD. I will continue on working on producing more original research papers to meet my goal to be an academic hepatologist and independent investigator. Please see below list of abstracts and publications that I have worked on with Dr. Loomba.
Iliana Doycheva 
Iliana Doycheva:

I am Iliana and currently I am a fellow in Liver Epidemiology and Patient-Oriented Outcomes Research. Before joining the team, I completed Internal Medicine residency at University of Florida and did Hepatology Fellowship at University of Miami. My keen interest in Hepatology and particularly in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) led to my decision to apply for this position. I designed a prospective study investigating the association between NAFLD and coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetes patients, which was approved by our institutional review board and have already started recruiting patients. I also published a review article entitled “Prognostic implication of liver histology in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in diabetes” at the Journal of Diabetes and its Complications and I am a coauthor of original research paper investigating the role of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase on mortality. The great experience of working with Dr. Loomba helped me learning the skills of designing clinical research and data analysis. Due to my interest to further expand this knowledge and with a funding support from the fellowship program I will be doing a Biostatistics course, part of the Master’s degree program. My long-term career goal is to continue my career in academics and I believe the great research experience at UCSD will help me achieve this goal successfully.
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Niraj Patel:

Dr. Niraj Patel is currently a 2nd year Internal Medicine resident at UCSD. "As a member of Dr. Loomba's research team, I am involved in analyzing pancreatic fat and its relationship to the progression of NAFLD. I have also assisted on other projects reviewing liver biopsies of patients with NASH at our institution and worked on a review of liver histology in diabetic patients with NAFLD. I hope to publish my findings in manuscripts and present my work at a national meeting. I chose to work with Dr. Loomba because I am interested in fatty liver disease and I have heard excellent things about his mentorship and the work he does. Working with Dr. Loomba has been an amazing experience. I have learned a great deal about fatty liver disease from him and received valuable guidance on how to write a manuscript and see a project through to completion. He has an abundance of excellent ideas and is always open to brainstorming new research projects. He has provided excellent advise on fellowships and how to balance research with clinical practice. In the future I hope to pursue a fellowship in gastroenterology and continue working on research in hepatology. Eventually I hope to have a career in academic medicine. Working with Dr. Loomba has provided me with a terrific background to help me achieve my goals."
Anh Le 
Thuy Anh Le:

Dr. Thuy Anh Le is currently a 3rd gastroenterology fellow and joined Dr. Loomba’s lab in July 2011. She is involved in many of the patient-oriented research projects including a the Database 2 and FLINT study, and is helping to initiate a genetic study of fatty liver disease. Through these projects, she learns the skills of clinical research including patient enrollment, design and implementation of trials, and data analysis.
Mamie Dong 
Mamie Dong:

Dr. Mamie Dong was a gastroenterology fellow from 2008-2011. She published several papers with Dr. Loomba. Her projects included investigating ALT trends with aging in the Rancho Bernardo Study Cohort, and collaborating on a literature review regarding current therapeutics for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. “Rohit was a pleasure to work with. He has so many great ideas, and really knows how to turn an interesting question into a solid project. He's definitely the most productive research mentor I've worked with."
Zack Permutt 
Zack Permutt:

"Working with Dr. Loomba has been and continues to be excellent. He has shown me how to take a research project to completion and provided me with the skills needed to create a manuscript. In addition, he is able to balance providing guidance and autonomy perfectly so that I felt ownership of the work I did, but never felt unsupported. He is a true mentor. He has given me advice on residency, fellowship, career development, and balancing research, clinical practice and personal life. I am so thankful to have had his guidance during my internal medicine residency, and hope that others have the chance to work with him. It is a productive and rewarding experience."