What's New?

Saturday, 11/4/2017 The Crews Lab will be partnering with the San Diego Multiple Myeloma Patient Support Group to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Annual Light the Night event. Please consider joining us in this inspiring walk to show support for research on blood cancer to save lives. If you can't attend, contributions to our team are most welcome too!

Video Feature - Dr. Crews is featured on the homepage of The Science Network, speaking at the Annual Division of Regenerative Medicine symposium earlier this year about her work in multiple myeloma

Monday, 10/9/2017 We were delighted to host the Annual Multiple Myeloma Patient Support Group Symposium at the Moores Cancer Center! Thank you to all who participated and attended, especially speakers Dr. Aaron Goodman and Christine Zoumas.

***Student Research Opportunities Now Available Contact the Crews Lab for more information.***

Thursday, 9/21/2017 Dr. Crews presented some of the lab's recent work at the Moores Cancer Center Fellows Networking meeting, 4pm @ Comer Commons

Friday, 9/8/2017 Attended the 29th Annual Usha Mahajani Symposium on Molecular Medicine - many fantastic presentations on cancer heterogeneity and therapy resistance!

Friday, 8/18/2017 Attended the Annual International Myeloma Foundation Patient and Family Seminar. So inspired and motivated after hearing the needs and challenges that multiple myeloma patients face today. I'm taking new ideas back to the lab with a mission to cure!