Dr. Trey Ideker

​​​​​​Dr. Trey IdekerDr. Ideker is a Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego. He is the Director of the San Diego Center for Systems Biology and the Director of the National Resource for Network Biology. He is a pioneer in using genome-scale measurements to construct network models of cellular processes and disease.

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San Diego Center for Systems Biology ​National Resource for Network Biology

About the Ideker Lab

Our goal is to develop a new type of medicine based on knowledge of the complete physical and functional wiring of the cell. ​We are developing new ways of mapping these wiring diagrams directly from genome-scale measurements (genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic) and for using these maps to translate the increasingly complex data gathered from patients to predict disease outcomes and develop better treatments.

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Featured News & Research

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The Real Value of an Atlas, by Trey Ideker. NIH Biomedical Informatics Blog. 31 Oct 2016. [PDF]

A Disease of the Genome, Liz Harley. Frontline Genomics Magazine. Issue 10, 17-20. Oct 2016. [PDF]

Follow up to Hannum, et al, MOLCELL 2013: Methylome-wide Analysis of Chronic HIV Infection Reveals Five-Year Increase in Biological Age and Epigenetic Targeting of HLA, Gross, et al, MOLCELL 2016. [PDF] 

Translation of Genotype to Phenotype by a Hierarchy of Cell Subsystems. Mike Yu, et al. Cell Systems, Feb 2016. [PDF]

NDEx, the Network Data Exchange, Dexter Pratt, et al. Cell Systems, Oct 2015. ​[PDF]

Technical aspects of "Panama Papers" analysis, Keiichiro Ono, Newsweek Japan, Apr 2016. [PDF] (English translation)    ​