Conferences for 2017 include Grand Rounds, 37th Annual Review Course, Annual Post Graduate Radiology Course, and Annual Breast Imaging and Interventions Update.

□  Grand Rounds 2017

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​2/7/2017​7-8 am​Hillcrest, Main Auditorium​SDRS - Scott Steenburg, MD: CTA of Vascular Injuries (an overview of peripheral, aorta, neck and organ vascular injuries)
​​2/21/2017​8-9 am​MCC, Goldberg Auditorium ​Eric Ahrens, PhD: Designing novel imaging probes and methods for clinical fluorine-19 MRI cell tracking 
​​3/7/2017​​7-8 am​Hillcrest, Main Auditorium​SDRS - Laurie Loevner, MD: Neuroradiology
​​3/21/2017​8-9 am​MCC, Goldberg Auditorium​ Patrick McConville, PhD    
​​2/17/2017 (MON)​6-7 pm​MedEd - Auditorium ​Michael T. McMahon, PhD Developing organic MRI contrast agents for molecular imaging
4/4/2017​7-8 am​Hillcrest, Main Auditorium​SDRS - Marc Alson, MD: ACR Advocacy
​​2/17/2017​7-8 am​MCC, Goldberg Auditorium​T32 resident presentations    
​5/2/2017 ​7-11 am​MedEd - Auditorium​Resident Training: Hands on Simulation Center Training
​5/16/2017​7-8 am​MCC, Goldberg Auditorium​Gary Ghahremani, MD: Imaging of Internal Hernias
​6/6/2017​7-8 am​MCC, Goldberg AuditoriumIthaar H. Derweesh, M.D.: Current surgical management of renal masses

□  37th Annual Radiology Review Course 2017

The 37th Annual Radiology Review Course will cover a wide range of topics common to most current diagnostic radiology practices. It is organized in focus sessions, by organ system, in all subspecialty areas of Diagnostic Radiology.

□  Annual Post Graduate Radiology Course - October 2017 (date TBD)

□  Annual Breast Imaging and Interventions Update - October 20-22, 2017