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UCSD Radiology promotes a culture of wellness
3/27/2017 - Letter from Isabel Newton, MD, PhD, co-mentor of UCSD Radiology Wellness Program:

Dear Colleagues, Fellows, Residents and Staff,

I am sharing with you a profound article written by a fellow physician that I hope you will read.  It so beautifully articulates why we must strive to foster a culture of wellness and balance and reject the ingrained biases that have allowed us to accept burnout as normal and to stigmatize mental illness and marginalize those who seek treatment.

As you may know, our own Megan Hellfeld and Rebecca Rakow have spearheaded a singular Radiology Wellness Program at UCSD, in collaboration with the HEAR program.  The HEAR program (of which we are members) gives talks on burnout, depression, and suicide and connects healthcare providers in distress to resources. Megan and Rebecca started by submitting an RSNA grant and enlisting the support of members of the Psychiatry department in helping lead our residents in wellness activities.  Jim Chen and I serve as co-mentors and will be giving Grand Rounds on burnout and resilience this summer. Dr. Norbash has been extraordinarily supportive of these endeavors. We look forward to developing this program together and welcome your feedback.

If you would like to be connected with resources confidentially through the HEAR Program, please know that your privacy will be protected.  All referrals are handled by the HEAR program social workers - this information is not shared with me or any other member of the HEAR committee. For more information, visit

Being a member of the HEAR committee has been very rewarding and fulfilling, thanks to the generosity and dedication of the people involved.  I am also proud to be part of a department that is recognizing the value of promoting a culture of wellness and balance.  Together, we can cultivate an environment where we can be kind to ourselves, supportive of each other, and helpful to our patients.

Best wishes,

Isabel Newton, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Vascular and Interventional Radiology
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New genetic test predicts age-associated risk for Alzheimer's Disease onset
3/27/2017 - “From a clinical perspective, the polygenic hazard score provides a novel way not just to assess an individual’s lifetime risk of developing AD, but also to predict the age of disease onset,” said senior author Anders Dale, PhD, director of the Center for Translational Imaging and Precision Medicine. (UC San Diego Health Newsroom)
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Alexander Norbash appointed AVC for Faculty Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
1/12/2017 - "UC San Diego professors Frances Contreras and Alexander Norbash...will be providing direction in advancing the university’s goal of achieving and sustaining faculty equity, diversity, and inclusion and enhancing the climate for all faculty at UC San Diego."
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