About Us

The UCSD Division of Plastic Surgery is part of the Department of Surgery (Chair: Dr. Bryan Clary). Our faculty are all Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and are internationally recognized for their surgical and  teaching skills, mentoring, research, publications, and conference presentations.  The Division maintains inpatient and outpatient clinical programs at the UCSD Medical Centers in Hillcrest and La Jolla, the VA   Medical Center La Jolla, Rady Children's Hospital, an outpatient surgery center at Chancellor Park (La Jolla)   and active research laboratories at the VA Hospital and UCSD campus.  The newest addition to the Division  will be an Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Program (Program Director: Dr. Amanda Gosman). In July 2017 we will add to our 42 residents trained in the program so far, two new apprentices: one in the  Independent Program (Dr. Adam Hauch from Tulane University SOM, New Orleans, LA), and one in the Integrated  Program (Dr. Kevin Englar, Wake Forest SOM, Winston-Salem, NC). Both programs are accredited by the ACGME.

Established in 1975 the Division of Plastic Surgery recently, under auspices of the original and current Chairs (Drs. Jack C. Fisher and Marek K. Dobke respectively), celebrated 40 Years of Academic Plastic Surgery in San Diego.   The 40th Anniversary Symposium gathered old and current Faculty and Residents to enjoy unparalleled camaraderie and to reminisce about the accomplishments over the years and plans for the future.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Division of Plastic Surgery at UCSD provides consultations and clinical activity in all areas of Plastic Surgery.  Our faculty members have clinical expertise in aesthetic medicine and surgery, burns and complex wounds, hand, breast/facial/body procedures, general reconstructive surgery, and craniofacial pediatric plastic surgery. Whenever necessary we operate at UCSD facilities (Medical Center Hillcrest, Thornton Hospital La Jolla, and soon to open Jacobs Tower facility), Rady Children’s Hospital, and the VA Hospital. We provide comprehensive care including management of high risk patients with frail health, and - on the other hand - for those who prefer, i.e., cosmetic surgery patients, we offer services in the privacy of our Chancellor Park Surgicenter. 

As a “team” of plastic surgeons and colleagues from other specialties we offer the most complex surgeries    (e.g., microsurgical reconstructions).  Our faculty participate on numerous multidisciplinary care teams combining the collective expertise of multiple UCSD based specialists with teams focused on conditions such as: craniofacial defects and cleft palate, vascular malformations, wound healing, breast cancer and reconstruction, orthopedic oncology, burns - just to name a few. We offer modern plastic surgery not only through surgical procedures, but also through non-invasive interventions or programs.

Non-invasive cosmetic surgery and medicine includes skin care, beautification by chemical peels, laser-assisted treatments, creams, bleaching agents, removal of unwanted hair, and softening of unwanted expression wrinkles by Botox. To maximize the rejuvenation process, your plastic surgeon will advise you how to combine both non-invasive and invasive procedures for the best overall result and maintenance.  We work closely with other specialists, such as cosmetic dentists, dermatologists, nutritional and fitness experts, to give you personalized guidance to improve both your quality of life and self-esteem. We customize our care to your objectives, time and preferences.

One of the newest additions to the practice of modern plastic surgery are tele-plastic surgery and tele-dermatology programs: tele-consultation, follow up check-ups, tele-visits to evaluate problems of bedridden patients or those in very remote areas decrease unnecessary visits, results in greater access to plastic surgery specialists, and saves time, travel and expense for patients. In many cases, for instance children from communities in jungles of Central America, it is the only path to access a plastic surgeon!

Academic plastic surgery brings you state-of-the-art services enhanced by the newest technologies and exposure to therapies which are still subject of research and trials.

Welcome to the Division of Plastic Surgery at UCSD.

Marek Dobke, M.D., Ph.D.                               
Professor of Surgery