UCSD Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE)

​UC San Diego has been funded by the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) to create the UCSD Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE). The UCSD HCOE will provide training to new URM faculty physicians and scientists to succeed in academic medicine as well as increase medical student diversity, and support clinical training for culturally competent healthcare delivery.

The HCOE Faculty Development Program is designed to improve the recruitment and retention of URM faculty in Health Sciences.  The program is aimed at improving academic skills for faculty, providing funding to allow for focused time for research, innovative clinical care and curriculum development as well as creating a community of diverse faculty at UC San Diego Health Sciences.

Newly recruited junior and/or mid-level faculty will be enrolled as HCOE Faculty Fellows.  Junior faculty are eligible for up to 2 years of funding. HCOE Faculty Fellows will participate in local and national focused faculty development programs as well as engage in workshops to improve skill development and understanding of UC San Diego culture and environment.  In addition, HCOE Faculty Fellows will be encouraged to join the UC San Diego Mentor Training Program to enhance their skills as mentors as well as mentees.  They will use these skills to mentor URM students, residents and fellows.

​Year 1​Year 2
Professional Development​NCLAM (pedagogy, teaching, mentor training, negotiations, conflict resolution); NCLAM (academic review and promotion); Develop Faculty IDP; Mentor training​AAMC Minority Faculty Development Seminar; Update Faculty IDP; Leadership training
​Research​NCLAM (grant and project management, personnel management); Lab management course; Seminars​Grant Writing Course; Publications; National Scientific or Clinical Conference; Seminars
Community Service​Identify existing research and community based programs for engagement ​Mentor HCOE or URM student; Participate in research symposium for HCOE students