Upcoming Training Sessions

​All Health Sciences Contacts Meetings will usually be held on Thursdays from 9am to 10am, in Leichtag 107. Members of the HS Contacts listserv will be notified of the meeting dates, agenda, and any changes approximately a week before the meetings. Please see table below for further details:

 Date​​ Location Time
 Tuesday - 07/11/2017 Leichtag 107
​ ​ ​Lead speaker: Erika Wilson
Topics: HSSPPO - Updates
              HS-IT Shared Service Implementation

Guest Speaker: Stella Sung
                              Marissa Yessis
Topic: OCGA - Updates (Stella Sung)
            OPAFS - Updates (Marissa Yessis)
Other Speakers: Rachel Cook
Topics: NIH - Updates