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NIH Salary Cap Statement

1.) The PI or Dr [insert name]'s current institutional base salary exceeds the NIH cap.

2.) The PI or Dr. [Insert name]'s current salary rate exceeds the NIH salary cap and the actual salary budgeted is based on the NIH cap in effect at the time this proposal was submitted. If the NIH cap increases prior to award, we request that the NIH award Dr. [insert name]'s salary at the new cap rate.

When the department escalates the salary cap for future years:

3.) A 3% increase in salary is requested in future years but it is understood that it is contingent upon future  NIH Salary cap rates

Resource Sharing Plan

Plan for Intellectual Property and Sharing of Research Resources

Intellectual property and data generated under this project will be administered in accordance with both University and NIH policies, including the NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance of March 5, 2003.

Ownership of sole or joint inventions developed under the project will be owned by the institution(s) employing the inventor(s). Inventors shall be determined by U.S. Patent law, Title 35 SC. University and Participating investigators/institutions will disclose any inventions developed under the project and such inventions will be reported and managed as provided by NIH policies. Sole inventions will be administered by the institution employing the inventor. Joint inventions shall be administered based on mutual consultation between the parties. Similar procedures will be followed for copyrights.

Materials generated under the project will be disseminated in accordance with University/Participating institutional and NIH policies. Depending on such policies, materials may be transferred to others under the terms of a material transfer agreement.

Access to databases and associated software tools generated under the project will be available for educational, research and non-profit purposes. Such access will be provided using web-based applications, as appropriate.

Publication of data shall occur during the project, if appropriate, or at the end of the project, consistent with normal scientific practices. Research data which documents, supports and validates research findings will be made available after the main findings from the final research data set have been accepted for publication.   Such research data will be redacted to prevent the disclosure of personal identifiers.

PI/Department to complete next section

Describe the following for the specific project:

  1. Expected schedule for data sharing if different from above.
  2. Format of the final data set
  3. How will data be shared (sent electronically, etc.)

UCSD Resource Sharing Plan

Animal Facilities

The University of California, San Diego is fully accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC), and holds an approved NIH Assurance and USDA License.

There are currently approximately 148,000 square feet of animal facilities at 27 locations. Support includes quarantine rooms, sterile operating rooms, post surgical recovery rooms, radiology and diagnostic laboratory services.

There is a farm facility that provides indoor and outdoor housing for farm animals and other species. Veterinary care is provided on a 24 hour basis, including weekends and holidays, by a staff comprised of veterinarians and animal health technicians. Research support services include training classes, seminars and wet labs offered throughout the year.

UCSD Vertebrate Animal Facilities

NGN Costs

Communications/Computing costs have been included for telephone and associated voice and data communications charges which are directly related to the individuals working on the project.