Internal Forms & EPRS

For all proposals submitted through HS SPPO, the department must complete an internal forms package. The internal forms are routed to HS SPPO along with the application package through EPRS, the Electronic Proposal Repository Service.

If your department has begun to use ePD, please visit the ePD page for instructions on internal forms and proposal routing.

Please see the Review Priorities document which outlines both the department's and HS SPPO's responsibilities in reviewing internal forms.

The internal forms package consists of the following forms:

  • RES form- For all New, Resubmission, Renewal, Supplement, and Continuation* proposals
  • PI Assurance form- For all New, Resubmission, and Renewal proposals
  • Detailed Internal Budget- For all New, Resubmission, Renewal, Supplement, and Continuation proposals

 *See Progress Reports for additional information on when a new RES is required for Continuations.

The Electronic Proposal Repository Service (EPRS) should be used to route all proposal documents to HS SPPO for review and submission. Please do not e-mail proposal documents to your HS SPPO analyst. These include all proposals that will be submitted via or by e-mail (for sub-awards) for those departments that have not been on-boarded to ePD (electronic Proposal Development).

For instructions on how to use EPRS, please visit the following Blink page: EPRS.

The departments should upload the completed internal forms (RES form, PI Assurance, internal budget and other forms, if applicable) along with the proposal package (SF424 Adobe Forms or sub-award package). If the application will be submitted via ASSIST, please indicate the ASSIST Identifier in the Comments field.

We request that users implement the following file upload process for ease of use and expedient file retrieval:

  • A PDF or XLS file of the complete internal package which includes the RES form, PI Assurance form, and a detailed internal budget. The forms can be unsigned at the time of review.
  • A PDF of the complete Application package or ASSIST Application ID number in the Comments field

Please be aware that if you do not receive an e-mail confirmation from EPRS indicating that your proposal is ready for review or submission, HS SPPO did not receive an e-mail either. As a result, HS SPPO will not be notified that there is a package for us to review or submit.

For technical issues, please contact the ACT Help Desk for assistance and contact to let HS SPPO know of the issue. In rare cases, the HS SPPO analyst may ask you to e-mail proposal documents to this inbox for submission.