SF424 Electronic Submission

The SF424 Adobe Form is a PDF application package used to submit grant applications through Grants.Gov to the NIH. This application package can be downloaded directly from an NIH funding opportunity announcement. It is completed offline by the department and/or PI and is submitted to HS SPPO for review and submission through EPRS or ePD.

Please see the Review Priorities document which outlines both the department's and HS SPPO's responsibilities in reviewing SF424 applications.


The attached SF424 Walk-Thru is a tool developed by HS SPPO to assist fund managers in preparing SF424 applications. This is an example of how to fill out an application for the parent R01 (PA-16-160). Please note that although the institutional information will remain the same for all SF424 applications, the individual attachment requirements may be different based on the specific funding opportunity you are applying to. SF424 Adobe Forms C Walk-Thru
To submit your application to HS SPPO for review and/or submission, please follow the instructions for ePD.
Per NIH policy, institutions have the ability to reject and resubmit corrected/changed applications.  This can be done, up to two business days after submission of the application, but prior to the actual deadline.  HS SPPO will reject and resubmit for the following reasons:
  • To address errors in the Grants.gov submission process that have stopped the application from reaching eRA Commons and NIH. Errors must always be addressed.
  • To address particular warnings in the submission process that requires rejection of the submitted application and resubmission of a changed/corrected application.  Warnings do not always need to be addressed. They require analysis to determine whether or not it is an issue that requires rejection and resubmission or if it can safely ignored. Departments need to work with their HS SPPO Analyst to determine whether this is the case or not.
  • If the assembled PDF of the submitted application in eRA Commons does not accurately reflect the submitted application package due to system issues with eRA Commons, ASSIST, or Grants.gov. If this occurs, departments should work with their HS SPPO Analyst to reject and resubmit a changed/corrected application to NIH. In these types of cases, HS SPPO requires a cover letter, from the PI, explaining why there is a need for the rejection and resubmission of the submitted application.

Please note, the eRA Commons system retains copies of all submitted application packages, including versions that have been rejected and resubmitted, thus HS SPPO highly recommends that applications are only rejected and resubmitted if it is absolutely necessary for a successful review.

Once the application viewing window has closed and/or the deadine has passed, the application then moves on to the Division of Receipt and Referral at the Center for Scientific Review (CSR). When this ocurrs, the eRA Service Desk can no longer assist with changes to the submitted application. You do have the option of contacting the assigned Scientific Review Officer (SRO) to your application for advice and guidance. However, NIH does have a strict policy on Post-Submission Application Materials and the Principal Investigator will need to decide whether they want to allow their application to go forward 'as is' or if they need to withdraw it and submit it at a later date.